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Linda Ruvalcaba

Linda Ruvalcaba is a Licensed Professional Counselor, providing psychotherapy to adults in English and Spanish. She works to help people find their inner consent and joy by identifying the change they wish to create in their life and how to make those changes a reality. Through genuine concern and interest in those with whom she works,

Linda is able to build a therapeutic working relationship to help people find comfort, validation, and insight in the processing of their experiences. This allows for the opportunity to process issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic or terminal illness, and life’s transitions. Linda is an Arizona native and especially enjoys working with the Latinx community.

She is passionate about the work that she does and aims to normalize therapy and mental health needs by maintaining a weekly blog about her own journey (, as well as a therapy-centric Instagram account (@therapy.girl).


  • Insurance Accepted


  • Languages Spoken

    English, Spanish

  • Preferred Gender Pronouns


  • Accepted Payment Methods

    Cash, Paypal

  • Additional Credentials


  • Degree/License

    Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  • Specialties

    Trauma, Anxiety, Grief, Depression

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